My name is Jeremiah Ray. I am a processed based, interdisciplinary artist and educator.

My philosophy as a creator is that all work must evolve and change over the course of the creative journey. I firmly believe that holding a fixed objective is contrary to intuitive, raw, and organic, creativity.

My work, as a visual artist, focuses on communication; I explore ideas of how we internalize, interpret and relate personal and collective experiences. There is a continuous element of spirituality present and I often employ ritual as a means of understanding and transcending the aforementioned focal points as well as heightening the transformative power of and the present moment. I shift between mediums and creative outlets and rely heavily on time-based, ephemeral, and increasingly improvisational means of generating. Improvisation, as a foundational element of my process and practice, is embodied during my live work and energetically present in the residue of other chosen mediums. This energy, whether embodied or residual, creates a feeling and sensation of instability in my work. This palpable sensation brings the attention of the viewer/audience to the potentially transformative power of the present moment — the here & now. Within this moment and its inherent fragility, I hope they have an experience, any experience, unique and personal. It has never been my intention to illicit a certain response from the viewer. My hope is only to initiate a dialogue that produces questions which in turn lead to answers, or perhaps answers to questions not yet asked.