The Origin

In January 2016 I returned to what I thought was going to be the last semester of my MFA studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My intention, upon completing my studies, was to begin teaching art at the college level. I hoped that I might aid others in their pursuit of a personal language which would further help them express and articulate themselves visually. However, a storm was brewing inside of me, for lack of a better term, that would see these plans placed on.

On a beautiful day in late March, while en route to the school, I had a full-blown, tonic-clonic seizure. This particular day, which had started as casually and as normally as ever, was just the beginning of a series of events that would see my life change quite drastically. In the hospital, while being prepped for various tests, I had another seizure. I knew then that something was drastically wrong. On some instinctual, perhaps even a primal level, I understood things had shifted inside of me & that something had reached a critical point and needed to be dealt with urgently.

I would spend the next few days in the hospital while numerous tests were being done to determine what exactly was the culprit, where it originated, and what was to be done about it. After various scans and examinations, it was determined that I had metastatic lesions in my lungs and brain. The origin, as I would come to understand, was testicular cancer. I was diagnosed with stage IIIC testicular cancer on April 1, 2016.