The Portraits

These self portraits are an ongoing series which I initially started after my diagnosis with cancer in 2016. 

During the long hours at the treatment clinic, as well as lengthy inpatient stays, these works became increasingly important to understanding my emotional and psychological state that, even till this day, elude words. 

While in treatment my body remained strong regardless of whatever brutal circumstances I found myself. My heart and mind on the other-hand were always teetering.  

The psychological and emotional fallout from the years of treatment is increasingly evident. As with before, as I have done my entire life, I anchor myself to art, more specifically to these self portraits. I do so as a means of both understanding and coming to terms with the experiences had as well as the world within which I find myself now, that of recovery and survivorship.

All portraits are either 11″ x 7″ or 5″ x 7″. I use a variety of ink as well as various found staining material such as fireplace soot, coffee, etc.

All work ©2020 Jeremiah Ray